Best Breakfast Products


Best Breakfast Products 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so the approach to choosing foods for breakfast should be as responsible as possible. About products from which you can make the perfect breakfast, told nutritionists from Spain.

Asension Marcos, head of the Spanish Federation of Nutrition and Dietetics Societies, says you shouldn’t have breakfast with foods that contain too many saturated fats. This, in particular, meat dishes and industrial pastries. People who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract are not recommended to drink coffee in the morning (if they do not want to get it, for example, heartburn).

The best breakfast foods are, according to Spanish experts, fruits, cereals, and dairy products. A boiled egg, a slice of boiled turkey, tuna, as well as nuts - these are no less successful ingredients for preparing a healthy and balanced breakfast that will saturate you with energy for the whole working day.

“Nuts should be consumed for breakfast in order to get maximum energy for the whole day. Just do not forget that peanuts are not nuts, and it is better not to eat them for breakfast, as this is too heavy a meal. As for cereals and dairy products, this is the foundation of a healthy breakfast, allowing you to get vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for the body, ”says Marcos.

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