Which messenger is the most popular in the world



The analytical portal Statista told which applications users around the world exchange messages most often. The data is quite expected, but nevertheless, there are unexpected results.

In America, the most popular instant messenger from Facebook

Facebook Messenger on smartphones and desktops is used by 73% of the population aged 18–29. This is about 170 million people. An impressive figure, given the total population of Americans of 320 million people. WhatsApp is not very popular in this country; only 30% of users exchange messages with it.

In China, everyone is sitting on WeChat

The undisputed leader among the Chinese is WeChat. It has more than a billion registered users, so WeChat is not only the number 1 messenger in China, but also the third most popular messenger in the world. Immediately after WhatsApp with its 1.5 billion users and Facebook Messenger, whose user base has 1 billion people. Over the territory of China, WeChat is used by about 100 million Chinese people around the world.

Iran for privacy: Telegram only

Messenger Durova is not only a means of communication, but also the main source of news for the inhabitants of this country. Telegram's monthly audience is over 40 million people. And this is in a country where the total population is 80 million. Iranians spend more than 2 hours a day on Telegram.

In Korea, the national messenger is KakaoTalk. Do you know this?

At the end of 2018, it was in this messenger that more than 42 million Koreans exchanged messages. It is surprising that in our country many did not even hear about such an application. In second place pop popularity is Facebook Messenger.

Europe, England, Singapore and South Africa - for WhatsApp

There are no more unknown popular instant messengers, in many countries the lion's share of users selects their own and familiar WhatsApp. For example, in Singapore, more than 73% of residents aged 18 to 44 sit in this messenger. South Africa is even cooler: WhatsApp is used by 93% of users who have Internet access.

In the UK, this messenger is used by 84% of residents aged 24 to 35 years and 78% in the age group from 35 to 44 years old. In Germany, 81% of Germans use this messenger, but this is the only country in which Skype is loved - as many as 24% of active users.


Here's a breakdown by country. It is strange that the legend of Snapchat's popularity has not been confirmed, in statistics this messenger with unusual swipe management does not appear at all. What is your favorite messenger?

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