Foods not to be eaten in the evening


Foods not to be eaten in the evening 

Colombian scientists concluded that nighttime snacks worsen sleep and contribute to weight gain.

This is especially true for women and harms their cardiovascular system, 24tv writes.

So, the doctors conducted a study in which 112 women took part, the average age of which was 33 years. 50 of them were Hispanic.

All women were examined at the beginning of the experiment and their health was evaluated in accordance with risk factors that can be influenced by changing their lifestyle, or rather quitting smoking, eating healthy foods and controlling blood pressure.

Throughout the study, residents wrote down in a diary everything that they ate and the time of eating. At the end of the experiment, it turned out that those women who ate more in the evenings were more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases.

A 1% increase in calories increased the chances of an increase in body mass index, blood sugar and pressure.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that eating food all day and a gradual decrease in the amount of servings in the evening reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Only 2% of people tend to wake up at night from an uncontrolled feeling of hunger. This phenomenon is observed in the group of people who have nightly fluctuations in leptin and cortisol, as well as an inadequate reaction of the body to insulin.

In order that the cardiovascular system was healthy, doctors strongly recommend limiting the intake of high-calorie foods in the evening, as well as giving up fast food. Dinner should be nutritious, but light.

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