In the new clip Onuka dancing with shamans and fantastic animals


In the new clip Onuka dancing with shamans and fantastic animals 

On the official YouTube channel Onuka, a video work for the song Zenit appeared, which became the sixth in the history of electro-folk group. The plot is that the forest heroes converge in a common dance to the sounds of trembits, dulcimers and heifers. According to the authors, their unity is a dedication to the beauty of the world. In the clip you can see many characters who became the idea of ​​designer Lesia Patoka. There are also characteristic for the group elements of Ukrainian folklore. In addition to them, the creation of the work was influenced by Mexican, Japanese and African cultures.

The group shared that the raw materials for the manufacture of suits were more than 15 bags of items found on Kiev second-hand. So, with the help of the clip, Les Patoka is trying to draw attention to reasonable consumption.

“I hope that thanks to Zenit, people will see that beautiful that surrounds us. Despite the problems and difficulties, the rapid rhythm or needs of the modern world, sometimes you need to stop and feel happiness in the moment. We only see what we prefer to see, ”said Nata Zhizhchenko, the leader of Onuka.

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