Ukrainian Foreign Ministry may prohibit Ukrainians from entering Russia with internal passports


Ukrainian Foreign Ministry may prohibit Ukrainians from entering Russia with internal passports   Having stated the director of the Department of Consular Services of the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Ukraine Sergiy Pogoreltsev, the Cabinet of Ministers with 1 birch 2020, the number of passengers can be extended by the people of the Ukrainian sovereign cordon with the Russian national passport.

Ukrainians can be fenced off to Russia for internal passports, having given 5 days on Twitter the sovereign secretary of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Andrii Zaєts.

"The Ministry of Foreign Justice of Ukraine has prepared a list of propositions about the transfer of goods from Ukraine to Russia for the passport of the past. Presentation is guaranteed by all the authorities of authority. So, be safe!" writing Zaєts.

Yak in the UNIAN commentary, Sergiy Pogoreltsev, Director of the Consular Service Department of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine may have 1 winter 2020 to save time for the people of Ukraine’s sovereign cordon for the Russian people.

In the words of Pogoreltsev, the draft resolution for the Cabinet of Ministers to transfer the position to Russia for the period from 1997 to 2011, to the rooki, arranged for the cob of Russian aggression, and the separate right to transfer the cordon from the Russian Federation for domestic transport.

Pogoreltsev, meaning, for the dowry of the State Prikordonnoy service of Ukraine, a little bit of zrosta kіlkіst vіpadkіv viyavlennya pіdrobok svіdotstv about nationality and internal passports in the form book.

“First of all, the certificate about the birth of children doesn’t have to be fair to the Ukrainian community and doesn’t take revenge on the photographer’s hairline; information about people is not to take revenge on information about the Latin person, so that we ourselves can not be timid to carry out the conversion of the individual to the manifestation of the possibility to cross the border of the sovereign cordon in addition to the bases of competence of the Ukrainian authorities erpol, and also not allowing it, to automatically read information from the following documents during pass-through control. In the third place, the passport of a Ukrainian citizen at the form of the book has the least degree to which I can choose to be able to take photos at a time. cherish the right to defy sovereignty without special and enormous order, "said Pogoreltsev.

For the sake of words, "the best way of saying goodbye is the regime of travel for the bulk of Ukraine in the Russian Federation in the minds of the dangerous aggression of remaining inadequate threats of national non-special Ukraine."

“To that end, power is relevant as for identifiably identifiably with the reign of the sovereign cordon, so for the purge of rights and interests for all the people of Ukraine, as well as increase the price to the next day. є Necessary for carrying out a thoroughly informative and robust and robust documentation and timely documenting with passive passports of all Ukrainian populace ", summing up the official of the Ministry of Public Health.

In addition, for the sake of words, the populace of Ukraine can be able to issue an up-to-date passport for half an hour of having been re-registered in the Russian Federation.

"At the time of any one-hour regular transfer to the territory of the Russian Federation of the Russian Federation, people of Ukraine may be cursed with clauses about the registration of the passport of a countryman of Ukraine for a visa for the cordon to the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow and the United States of America 4 years ago, 4 thousand people from Ukraine had such a right to go on camps in Denmark, so we registered in our facilities in the territory of the Russian Federation a biometric passport company, "said the diplomat .

On January 1, 2018, a system for recording biometric data of foreigners and stateless persons from 70 states of migration risk, including the Russian Federation, began operating on the Ukrainian border. To cross the border, citizens of countries of migration risk must have a biometric passport, otherwise the border guards take fingerprints.

18 September, the Minister of Foreign Justice Pavlo Klimkin announced that he would not have a big business regime for the Russians in Ukraine. For the words of the ministra, the most effective will be the biometric higher regime in Russia. Win to allow control of the flow of people in Russia straight forward and backward, by respecting Klimkin.

The official head of the State Record Service Service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan said 23 days ago that the DPSU is ready to enter the visa regime with biometric passports for Russians.

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