Mermer Uzerli showed herself after plastic surgery


Mermer Uzerli showed herself after plastic surgery 

The star has long been suspected of resorting to the services of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists, writes Two years ago, the actress increased her lips, injected Botox and became a different person.

After which, according to the public, Meriu began to abuse these procedures. Fans did not appreciate the changes in the appearance of the actress. In addition, Uzerli stopped shooting.

Later, the artist decided to get rid of most of the gel in her lips, which pleased the fans. Only after some time did the star decide to change again.

The new photos show that the star resorted to injections. According to subscribers, Uzerli lost her personality and began to resemble Kim Kardashian.

Recall that the Turkish-German actress Meriem Uzerli became famous thanks to the historical television series "Magnificent Century", which told the audience the story of one of the greatest rulers of the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Suleiman. Some time after the series, the actress changed beyond recognition with the help of plastic surgery on her face and weight loss.

Not so long ago, the TV star also radically changed the image. Merim cut off her long hair and dyed it from blond to light chestnut.

We previously wrote that Uzerli actively pleases his 5.6 million followers on Instagram with new publications. The other day, the star shared videos and photos from the new photo shoot, as well as a new family photo with her daughter.

The star of the Turkish TV series “Magnificent Century” again traveled to Turkey, where she attended several social events. Also, the star took part in a spectacular photo shoot, as reported on Instagram.

Earlier we wrote that Maryem Uzerli disappointed fans with her appearance.

So, the famous actress has changed a lot. Followers had previously noticed her addiction to plastic surgery, but here the actress surpassed herself. The girl’s lips began to look like an alien object on her emaciated face.


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