3 main rules of harmony


3 main rules of harmony 

Many false beliefs about weight loss prevent us from gaining a dream figure. Making mistakes, we forever discourage our belief that you can always lose weight comfortably. Nutritionist and nutritionist Nadezhda Pakhirko revealed the secret of how to lose weight without difficulty and maintain the desired weight.

The expert noted that in fact only three things affect the reduction of body fat. Thus, here are 3 rules of harmony from Hope:

1. Compliance with a calorie deficit is the only condition for burning fat reserves. If you are sure that you ate fewer calories than you used up, you will lose 100% .⠀

2. Eat the right amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. This is an important condition for safe and comfortable weight loss.

With a balance of 30/30/40, you will be full, craving for sweets and harmful will decrease every day. And cheerfulness, lightness, good mood will become your fellow travelers with weight loss.

3. Training and physical activity will help you increase calorie expenditure and keep your muscles toned. As a result, we get a beautiful toned body. Therefore, less sitting on the couch. Movement is life.

By following these three simple rules, you can reduce weight and maintain a slim and fit figure.

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