For the first time, a same-sex couple was able to bear a child together



Thanks to modern technology, a lesbian couple was able to bear a child with the involvement of both parents. Transmitted by the foreign agency The Mirror.
London doctors from a female clinic helped to become the first parents in the world who were able to participate jointly in bearing a fetus, Jasmine and Donna from the English city of Colchester, Essex. They were able to transplant Donna's egg to her partner Jasmine for the incubation period. Doctors first pulled out the egg, then fertilized it, placed it again in the woman’s body for 18 hours, and then transplanted her partner.
This procedure was called “common motherhood”, as a result of which on September 30, Jasmine gave birth to a son, Otis.
“We are stunned, to be honest, it shocked us greatly. There are many same-sex couples where one person does everything and becomes pregnant and gives birth, and we were involved in this process together. It definitely brought us together emotionally. In any case, we are connected, but now we have a special connection with Otis ... ”, Donna happily shares.
30-year-old Donna, an officer in the British army, met 28-year-old Jasmine online in 2014, in 2018 the couple tied their knots by marriage.

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