The match in Zaporozhye will begin the national team of Ukraine selection for Eurobasket-2021


The match in Zaporozhye will begin the national team of Ukraine selection for Eurobasket-2021 

Cholovicha national zbіrna of Ukraine turn to Zaporizhzhya! Itself there, at the regular PS Yunist, our team will have their first home match for the volunteer at U-Basket-2021, as part of a weekly, 23rd week, at 6:00 p.m. Zigra vs Zbіrno Ugorschiny.

Cholovycha zbіrna vzha grail for Zaporizhzhі: at the fall of 2018 rock ukrainian team overcame at the PS Unity dіyuhih champions іvropi zbіrnu Slovenia.

Against the Ugric command, we will become our first home test in the Ukrainian national community for Ainars Bagatskis. And the debut will be at the head coach of the Ukrainian national team in Latvia at the start of the second leg match, qualifying Ch-2021 against Austria, which will be 20 fierce.

The third superbook of the Ukrainian zbіrnoy іn the vіdbіrkovuyu quartet F є Діючі кемпіоны Європи збірна Slovenії. To enter the final part of Eurobasket-2021, our team, guessing, need to sit 1.2 or 3 people in your group.

Zovsim soon receipts for the match Ukraine - Ugorshchina nadidyut sales - follow the news on our website.

Rosklad match_v zbіrnoї Ukraine in kvalіfіkatsії Євробaskета-2021:

20 fierce 2020

Austria - Ukraine

23rd 2020

Ukraine - Ugric

27 leaf fall 2020

Slovenia - Ukraine

30 fall foliage 2020

Ukraine - Austria

18 fierce 2021

Ugorshchyna - Ukraine

21 fierce 2021

Ukraine - Slovenia

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