Fire in Odessa: the exact number of victims was named



Today, December 4, a large-scale fire began in the Odessa College of Economics, Law and the Hotel and Restaurant Business. Evacuation is completed, the fire is still being eliminated. The information was reported from the Main Directorate of the CSN of Ukraine in Odessa region.
In Odessa College, a fire broke out on the 3rd floor of a 6-story educational building, with an estimated area of ​​700 square meters.
Now 70 spruce are involved in suppression. personnel and 18 units. technicians.
According to the State Emergency Management Service, the number of victims of a fire increased to 13 people, it is noted that among them there are five employees of the fire service. They also said that the evacuation of people is over.
Information received at 12:49.

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