The US Congress passed a resolution against the return of Russia to the G7


The US Congress passed a resolution against the return of Russia to the G7 

The House of Representatives of the US Congress adopted a resolution against the participation of the Russian Federation in future G7 summits, while it ignores the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the standards of democratic societies. It is reported by "European Truth" with reference to the Congress website.

339 congressmen voted for the resolution, 71 was against.

The resolution recalls that on August 26, 2019, President Donald Trump announced his intention to invite the Russian president to the G7 summit next year.

Because of this, the House of Representatives "reiterates its continued support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine; condemns Russia's aggressive actions in Ukraine, including the illegal occupation of Crimea and the continued destabilization of Eastern Ukraine; condemns the Kremlin's attacks on democratic societies around the world, including "The United States and other countries of the Group of Seven; reiterates its full support for the exclusion of Russia from participation in the Group of Eight."

Also, the resolution “calls on all the leaders of the Group of Seven to oppose the return of Russia until it ceases to occupy the entire sovereign territory of Ukraine, including Crimea, and ceases its attacks on democracies around the world."

It is noted that congressmen do not approve of Russia's participation in future G-7 summits until it respects the territorial integrity of its neighbors and adheres to the standards of democratic societies.

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