Anticyclone and atmospheric front go to Ukraine


Anticyclone and atmospheric front go to Ukraine 

While weather forecasters forecast snowstorms in December, frosts down to -20 and a hurricane, dry anticyclone will come to Ukraine after heavy snowfalls in early winter. And only a few areas will touch the snowy atmospheric front from Poland.
About this weather forecaster Natalya Didenko said on his page on the social network Facebook.

“Snowfalls and wet snow will go outside Ukraine on December 4, and the Sarena anticyclone will take the place of atmospheric fronts. And we know that when it is an anticyclone, there is no significant rainfall,” she wrote.

Therefore, according to Didenko, rainfall is unlikely in most regions of Ukraine on Wednesday, December 4, only in the afternoon and evening wet snow can spray Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv and Kiev regions.

At the same time, a strong west wind is expected.

The temperature of the next night is 0-5 degrees Celsius, on Wednesday afternoon in Ukraine from 3 frosts to 2 heat.

“It’s slippery on the roads, especially in the morning and in the evening,” the weather forecaster warned.

In Kiev, the environment will be cool, at night -2-4 degrees, in the afternoon about zero. During the day, significant precipitation is not expected, only in the evening there is a chance that a little wet snow will fall.

During the week, air temperature in Ukraine will rise, there will be no precipitation.

"The main task of the coming days is to keep balance on frozen ground with non-slip shoes, do not forget to turn on the headlights, drivers and pedestrians to find a middle ground in a relationship, that is, follow the rules, and stock up with disposable handkerchiefs to immediately offer them to frankly sneezing transport neighbors or in stores, "Didenko advises.

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