In Kiev, a tram crashed into a tree


In Kiev, a tram crashed into a tree 

The incident occurred on the evening of December 3 on Degtyarevskaya Street, in the capital. The tram running on route No. 14 got into an accident.

Not far from the scene is the metro station Beresteyskaya. The accident is reported to the facebook community

The cause of the incident could be bad weather, as snow has been falling in Kiev for two days in a row. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

However, due to the accident, the movement of trams from the Kontraktovaya Ploshchad and Lukyanovka metro stations towards the Beresteyskaya station was completely blocked.

On the network, users write that this is not the first such case on this section of the road and add that there may be some problems with the track. Another part of the people is happy that there were no casualties and jokes: “the tram must not have changed the wheels for the winter version”

How to drive in ice: tips
Driving with ice in winter is one of the most risky exercises that a driver has to work. To protect themselves and passengers, drivers should follow these simple rules:

Everything needs to be done smoothly: turn the steering wheel, press and release the pedals.
During the trip, concentrate as much as possible, do not include music in the cabin, ask the passengers to be silent.
Movement speed should be low.
When approaching pedestrian crossings and childcare facilities, reduce speed to a minimum.
It is advisable to foresee each braking in advance, also keep an increased distance to other cars.
Turns during ice should take place over a very large radius.

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