Trump, Erdogan and Macron at the NATO summit have entered into a dispute


Trump, Erdogan and Macron at the NATO summit have entered into a dispute 

Trump regarded Macron’s words about NATO’s "brain death" as offensive, Erdogan threatened to block programs for the Baltic states due to Kurds, Ankara was reproached for S-400.

US President Donald Trump, French leader Emmanuel Macron and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the opening day of the NATO summit in London entered into a dispute over different views on the role of the alliance and the fight against ISIS, as well as over Ankara’s purchase of S-400 systems from RF The controversy between the leaders of the three countries unfolded before the event, according to the BBC and Gurdian.

On Tuesday, Macron repeatedly warned that ISIS was returning to Syria because of the Turkish invasion, which weakened mainly the Kurdish defense forces of Syria, including the YPD, which formed the backbone of the fight against ISIS. At some point, Macron accused Turkey of occasionally working with agents of the Islamic State.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on the eve of his departure to London, threatened to veto the defense plan of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in case of an attack by Russia, if the alliance does not confirm its determination with Ankara that the Kurdish militias in Syria are terrorists. France and the United States did not agree with this approach in assessing the Kurds.

"Sorry, we do not have the same definition of terrorism at the negotiating table. When I look at Turkey, they are now fighting against those who fought shoulder to shoulder against ISIS," Macron said, noting that Turkey should put an end to its ambiguity in regarding these groups.

Macron’s initial statement about NATO’s "brain death" was voiced in connection with the lack of any cooperation between Turkey and the rest of NATO after the invasion of Syria. Ankara discussed this issue only with Trump.

The US President regarded Macron’s words about NATO’s "brain death" as offensive and "very unpleasant." He added that France has "a very high unemployment rate" and "no one needs NATO as much as France."

Speaking of Turkey, the French president asked how one could be a member of NATO and acquire the Russian S-400 air defense system.

Macron is convinced that this is technically impossible.

Leaders of most NATO states argue that the Russian defense system inside NATO will make military equipment, including F-35 fighters, vulnerable to Russian military intelligence.

When reporters asked Trump if the United States intended to impose sanctions on Turkey for the purchase of the S-400, as requested by Congress, the US president said he was considering this issue.

Recall, on December 3-4, a summit of NATO member countries is held in London. In parallel with the meeting of leaders of NATO countries, a conference is being held, which is not part of the summit. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Priestayko took part in it.

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