Who and why urges residents of Kiev to refuse purchases at Epicenter hypermarkets


Who and why urges residents of Kiev to refuse purchases at Epicenter hypermarkets 

Activists urge residents of Kiev and other cities in which there are Epicenter hypermarkets to refuse purchases in these stores. According to them, this network trades in death for animals, namely moles, dogs, cats, gophers and others.

On the shelves of the "Epicenter" you can see illegal goods - poaching tools for the extraction of wild animals (poisons and traps). The Informant informs about this with reference to the press service of the Kiev Ecological and Cultural Center.

In total, 17 species of animals listed in the Red Book of Ukraine fall under the action of these livestock devices. However, the problem does not end only with the destruction of moles, mole rats or gophers. These animals, eating poisoned baits and poisoning themselves, bring death to other animals that can eat them.

These are domestic or homeless dogs, cats, many species of birds of prey, crows, jackdaws, rooks. Thus, the list of victims among animal species is very impressive. So, activists believe that when you find your beloved dog killed by poison, you should know that the Epicenter is most likely to be responsible for her death.

Article 52-1 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Animal World” prohibits the manufacture, storage, sale, use and import into Ukraine of poisonous baits for killing wild animals, as well as stitching, crushing and trap-like fishing gear for wild animals. According to representatives of the Kiev Ecological and Cultural Center, their negotiations with the Epicenter did not lead to anything. The management of the hypermarket chain did not answer them, and on Facebook, as an answer to the activists, they printed outright lies. That is why KECC announces a boycott of the Epicenter chain of stores and urges Ukrainian citizens not to buy goods there.

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