Where and when in Kiev you can be examined for free



In the busy life of a metropolis, people often neglect their health and are not examined properly. But it turns out that Kievans do not have to visit the clinic and stand in long lines to check their health. In each district of the capital, in special tents, you can check blood sugar and cholesterol levels, body mass index, measure blood pressure and get medical advice for free.

The project “Doctor at Your Home” allows any resident of Kiev to be examined - the corresponding tents are open throughout the week and in all areas of the city. An informant, citing the press service of the Kyiv City State Administration, tells where exactly you can get a free examination and how many residents of Kiev have already taken this opportunity.

For the entire existence of the project in Kiev, 110 544 surveys have already been conducted. And only in the last week 1249 residents of the capital turned for help. Residents of Kiev continue to come to free points of examinations, undergo rapid testing and receive consultations. Such help is especially important for seriously ill patients who find it difficult to get to the hospital on their own.


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