Scientists have found a new way to search for diseases


 Just one blood plasma sample is able to predict the likelihood of developing a number of diseases in the human body. This is similar to what the scandalous medical startup Theranos proposed last year, which closed last year and was unable to prove its assumptions. But the new concept was confirmed by several studies conducted by scientists published in the journal Nature Medicaline. 
Prove this The concept was able to scientists from the University of California at San Francisco Cambridge University and the biotechnology company SomaLogic. The study showed that a wide range of proteins can be isolated from just one sample of blood plasma. Specialists can determine in it aptamers, DNA fragments that bind to the target protein and thus show which proteins are in the blood and at what concentration they prevail there. The information obtained is then transmitted by a certain algorithm to machine learning and used to predict various diseases: the development of diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. 
At the moment, this concept is scientific and experimental, but a team of scientists believes that the technology can be improved and made more accessible . This technology can help doctors conduct a comprehensive health assessment using just one blood sample. Scientists call this the "liquid health test."

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