Hayden Panettiere back to the former!


Hayden Panettiere back to the former! 

Back in early November 2019, Western media reporters claimed that Hayden Panettiere had renewed relations with Brian Hickerson. After a brutal beating, from which the actress almost died, she returned to her boyfriend’s estate. On December 2, the first confirmation of this appeared on the network.

On the Instagram page, Brian Hickerson shared with fans pictures from his holiday weekend. On the frames, he decided to show how, in the circle of relatives and friends, he celebrated Thanksgiving. Among the guests, one can notice the 30-year-old actress Hayden Panettiere, whom he nearly killed in May 2019 during a brutal attack.

“What a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with good people,” wrote Brian Hickerson.

The statements of insiders, who previously claimed that Hayden Panettiere willingly resumed scandalous relations, were confirmed. One of the shots shows how she smiles happily in the arms of her sadistic boyfriend.

What is known about the beating of Hayden Panettiere?

In August 2018, it became known that Hayden Panettiere and Vladimir Klitschko canceled the engagement. The couple decided not to divulge the reasons for the breakup and declined to comment. The actress gave her only daughter to education, Klitschko. 3-year-old Kaya-Evdokia lives with a star father in Ukraine, and the mother of the former boxer helps her to raise her.

But Hayden Panettiere did not lose time: a month later she was first seen, accompanied by a realtor and aspiring actor Brian Hickerson. The novel immediately attracted the attention of all Western media, because the couple often fell into the lens of the paparazzi tipsy. One of the alcohol vacations almost ended with the death of the actress.

The scandalous beating of Hayden Panettiere occurred on May 2, 2019. Then she and her boyfriend were relaxing in a bar located near their home in Los Angeles. A conflict broke out between the lovers, which turned into a fight. However, eyewitnesses separated the couple, who immediately left the institution. Already near the house, Brian Hickeson attacked Hayden with his fists and dragged into the house. The neighbors of the Hollywood stars who saw the moment of the attack called law enforcement officers, who detained the sadist.

Subsequently, it turned out that the police found Hayden Panettiere battered in one of the rooms of the estate. Bruises were visible on the star’s neck. Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene of the incident on time, because Brian Hickerson, according to them, was very aggressive and could kill his lover. But Hayden was immediately taken to the hospital.

I immediately noticed that she had bruises on her eye and a swollen face. Handprints were also visible on the neck, the left side of the face. When I talked to her, she took off her sweater. Her hands were all bruised ... He brutally beat her face, forcing him to almost fall. From the third blow, she started bleeding from her nose
- said the police Amber Findlay.

During May-September 2019, the court considered the high-profile case of the attack, and relatives insistently advised the star to stay away from the man. Hayden moved to live in New York and even had several dates with her brother Brian Hickerson. In November, the couple nevertheless resumed the affair.

Hayden Panettiere back to the former! 

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