Is it really good to drink water in the morning?


Is it really good to drink water in the morning? 

Scientists decided to revise the widespread assertion that the morning should begin with a large mug of water.

Some studies claim that replenishment of water can occur at any time of the day, and this will not affect the rehydration, weight loss, performance or detoxification of the body, writes.

Urine color is not an indicator

In the morning, some people think that they are dehydrated because their urine seems concentrated. But urine of a dark color is not always an indicator of the level of hydration of the body. One study analyzed hydration status and fluid intake in 164 healthy adults. It turned out that although in the first few hours after waking up there was an increased consumption of water, this did not have a significant effect on the level of hydration of the body. Moreover, sometimes in the morning there was a lack of fluid in the body, despite the fact that the urine became light.

Little by little, but during the day

Preserving hydration not only helps us achieve maximum physical performance, but also has a significant effect on energy levels and brain function. Lack of habit to drink water during the day can lead to dehydration. If a person feels tired and cannot concentrate, maybe he needs not just another cup of coffee, but a glass of water. The main conclusion of the researchers is simple: whenever you feel thirsty, just drink enough water. This can happen during the day, and not just in the morning.

For brain function and metabolism

According to another study, mild dehydration impairs mental activity, concentration, and physical performance, while drinking enough water improves cognitive function. However, there is no evidence that to achieve maximum benefits, you need to drink a large amount of water on an empty stomach. The body will still absorb exactly as much as it needs, and the rest will be excreted in the urine. Therefore, in an hour or two, at least a few sips of water will need to be taken again.

Another study showed that water intake can potentially improve an adult's metabolism by 24-30%, thereby causing weight loss. However, there is no evidence that the “shock” intake of water should be in the morning.

Toxin Cleansing

Another common misconception is that drinking water flushes toxins out of the body early in the morning. Water is definitely necessary to remove waste, but cleansing the body of toxins, which is the main function of the kidneys, is not limited to a specific time of day. This happens constantly while there are substances that need to be removed and water to help the process.

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