The release date of the movie "Black Widow" with Scarlett Johansson in the title role


The release date of the movie 

The Marvel comic book universe has a large number of fans around the world, and thanks to Disney, its events have moved into a spectacular movie attraction, whose characters, performed by famous Hollywood actors, are loved by the audience.

The media has long been rumored about filming a solo film about the character of the cinematic universe "Marvel" Black Widow, whose role is played by the charming Scarlett Johansson. And so, not so long ago, the film was officially announced, and an exciting trailer was released for it.

The Black Widow is one of the key characters in the movie universe. She worked for the government for a long time and has a rather dark past, to which there were hints of other franchise films with this character. It is noteworthy that fans have long been waiting for the film about the Widow performed by Johansson.

This picture tells about the events that happened in the past of the character and the formation of her personality. At the same time, judging by the trailer, the film will have a large share of action scenes.

It is reported that the film will be released on May 1, 2020, and in addition to Scarlett Johansson, other famous actors who have previously played in the films "Marvel" will take part in it.

Also, there is information that the actress will receive for this role a fairly large amount of $ 15 million.

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