NASA astronauts were in outer space for 6 hours


NASA astronauts were in outer space for 6 hours 

The ISS crew successfully installed a new cooling system on the spectrometer, which is mounted on the outer surface of the station.

Expedition commander Luca Parmitano of the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA flight engineer Andrew Morgan completed their EVA at 12:33 Eastern Time Zone. During a six-hour spacewalk, two astronauts successfully installed a new cooling system for the alpha-magnetic spectrometer (AMS).

The team completed the main task of installing an upgraded cooling system - the tracker heat pump system (UTTPS) was modernized, completed the connection of the power and data cable for the system and connected all eight cooling lines from AMS to the new system. The complex joining job required a clean cut for each existing stainless steel pipe connected to the AMS, and then joining it with the new system using a metalworking process known as stamping.

The astronauts also completed the additional task of installing an insulating coating on the other side of the AMS, which is facing Earth, to replace the heat shield and blankets they shot during their first spacewalk to begin repair work. The flight control team on Earth confirmed the inclusion of the system in action and reported that it receives power and data.

This is the first winter day very busy in recent weeks for the crew of the space station. Indeed, soon two cargo spaceships with cargoes for scientific research will arrive at the MSC. SpaceX Dragon starts on Wednesday, December 4, at 12:51, and Progress - on Friday, December 6, at 4:34. Crew members wait for the arrival of cargo ships, and unload them. Meanwhile, the teams on Earth will check the date of the planned fourth spacewalk in order to carry out leak tests of the recovered spectrometer cooling lines and complete the reconstruction of the cosmic ray detector.

It was the 11th EVA in 2019. The space station crew members have already completed a total of 224 EVAs to support and maintain the orbital laboratory. Space travelers now spent a total of 58 days, 15 hours and 43 minutes, working outside the station in outer space.

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