Does raspberry jam help with colds?


Does raspberry jam help with colds? 

Ph.D., specialist in phytochemistry Igor Sokolsky, said whether raspberry jam helps with colds, reports

The physician noted that it is more beneficial to use dried berries, rather than jam, which contains a lot of sugar.

“The concentration of biologically active substances in dried raspberries is significantly higher than in raspberry jam, and much higher than in fresh raspberries, which are 90% water,” said the doctor.
A glass of infusion of dried raspberries contains as many nutrients as 0.5 kg of jam. Given the calorie content and high sugar content, we can say that there will be little benefit from its use.

In addition, the infusion of dried raspberries has no side effects and is recommended even for patients with diabetes mellitus, to whom raspberry jam is strictly contraindicated.

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