Who and for how much will clean Ukrainian cities from snow?


Who and for how much will clean Ukrainian cities from snow? 

This year, winter came to Ukraine on time. In the first days of December, snow fell in most regions. On his cleaning annually allocate millions of budget money. "Slidestvo.Info" decided to analyze the costs of cities that have already managed to prepare for the winter. And it identified the most interesting expensive purchases of snow removal services.

Reporters learned that most of the companies that won millions of tenders have a dubious reputation. Some of them appear in criminal trials, and many of these firms are associated with officials.

Kiev - more than five million hryvnias.

The beginning of winter has traditionally become a problem for residents of Ukrainian cities. Last year, on the first day of snow, only in Kiev there were about five hundred traffic accidents. Also last winter in the capital, about 300,000 hryvnias were fined by companies that should remove snow, but did not do it right. Sometimes - and the cities themselves announce the purchase of services at the last moment.

For this winter, the capital announced tenders in advance. The largest amounts of purchases amounted to 5500000 hryvnia. In particular, about three million hryvnias will be spent in the Pechersky district. The victory in the competition was received by the Novostroy-VS company. It belongs to Kiev Natalchuk Sergey and Valentina. The wife of Sergei Natalchuk works at the National Bank of Ukraine. The company appeared in criminal trials. The investigation, among other things, concerned the possible theft of funds during the construction of sidewalks in Borispol.

The only competitor of the company was Construction Company - BP, which is also mentioned in several criminal proceedings. According to the official investigation, in 2015-2017, the company could underpay almost six million hryvnias of tax. By the way, last year’s purchases of snow removal in the Pechersk district of the capital also involved only these two companies.

In one of the central districts of the capital, Shevchenko, they will spend about two million hryvnias on snow removal. A tender for the purchase of this service was held at the beginning of 2019. The Danko company, which won it, has been operating for over 16 years and is registered in Kiev. True, its owner, Denis Chumak, is registered in the occupied Makeevka.

200,000 hryvnias have already been bought for cleaning and roads in Obolonsky and Svyatoshinsky districts, and they are planning to spend another 100,000 in Desnyansky.

In other areas of Kiev, tenders have not yet been announced, or the amounts provided for street maintenance in the winter have been “split up” into many small purchases.

Odessa - more than four million hryvnias last year and almost the same in the new one.

Services for street cleaning from snow for 2019 Odessa purchased last year. The city authorities spent more than four million hryvnias on this. As Slidstvo.Info already said, the Escador company won, close to the encirclement of the mayor of Gennady Trukhanov.

In addition, Odessa recently announced another small lot worth 200,000 hryvnias for snow removal by the end of this year. In the new year, local authorities decided to spend 3.5 million hryvnia.

Bila Tserkva - 18000000

Bila Tserkva, Kiev region, plans to spend almost 18 million hryvnias on snow removal next year. Almost the same amount was spent there last year. The winner was the local company, the Belotserkovskoye Road Operational Administration. Its founder is a relative of the former Minister of Transport Yanukovych.

Lutsk - a lot of five million

In Lutsk, as well as last year, the local utility company Lutskspetskomuntrans won the tender. The company is engaged in garbage collection, landfill management, maintenance of sewage networks and road cleaning. In 2019, the city purchased from them services for 2.4 million hryvnias. Also, the Lutsk City Council has already announced a lot and the next year - worth more than five million hryvnias.

Kamenskoye - record over 30,000,000

In Kamensky, Dnipropetrovsk region, snow cleaning services for two million hryvnias were already purchased in early November. The local company Ukravtobud, which builds roads, won. The authorized capital of the company is only 500 hryvnia. Its founders are Vadim Ermolenko and Goncharenko Vyacheslav. The wife of the first works in the department of economic development of the city council of Kamensky. True, in her declaration there is no mention of her husband’s company.

Also, in addition to one of the districts of Kamensky, we bought road clearing from snow for 100,000 hryvnias. In addition, local authorities have already announced a tender for the winter maintenance of the city for 30,000,000 hryvnias. There are no results now.

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