What did Trump answer Zelensky's words to the Western media?


What did Trump answer Zelensky's words to the Western media? 

US President Donald Trump thanked Vladimir Zelensky for what he said in an interview with a number of European media. It's about the words of the President of Ukraine regarding the fact that the American leader did not behave incorrectly in relation to our country, including during their telephone conversations.

“Thanks to President Zelensky. Case is closed. Democrats doing nothing should finally get back to work! ”Trump tweeted briefly but succinctly.

By and large, Zelensky constantly talks about this after the start of the scandal in the United States over his telephone conversation with Trump. That is, nothing new was heard. However, Trump at this stage decided that it was time to thank ...

Recall, November 15, the White House published a transcript of the first telephone conversation between the presidents of Ukraine and the United States. Trump called Zelensky from his plane on April 21 after the second round of the presidential election took place. Unlike the July telephone conversation, there is essentially nothing to complain about. During the conversation, Trump congratulates Zelensky on his victory and expresses confidence that he will “work perfectly”. He also talks about an imminent meeting inviting him to visit Washington.

Zelensky thanks Trump, says that many in Ukraine equal him and invites him to his inauguration (Trump in response promises that he will send someone of a very high level).

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