Zelensky gave advice to pro-Russian Ukrainians



Head of State Vladimir Zelensky said that no matter how negotiations in the format of the Norman Four would take place, Ukraine would fight for the people there, and he asked the pro-Russian residents of the occupied territories to move to Russia. These statements were made during an interview with the Ukrainian leader with the German edition of Der Spiegel.
Vladimir Zelensky, in a conversation with the interviewer, asked what the action would be if the negotiations of the leaders of the four countries did not lead to anything, replied that the Ukrainian state would not provoke any military maneuvers.
“In any case, I will not start any war in the Donbass. However, I know that there are many quick-tempered people, especially those who go outside, saying: come on, we are selecting Donbass! But at what cost? ”
The journalist also asked about the support of people in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, to which the President said that there are three types - for Ukraine, for Russia and those who are “lost”.
“A poll is circulating that most people want to live in Russia. It is not true. I believe and know that there are people who are for Ukraine. Then there are those who are "lost." And finally, there are those who are for Russia. Those who are for Russia can move, Russia is now distributing illegal Russian passports. Everyone has the right to choose where he wants to live. But to say that on the territory of Ukraine I am a citizen of Russia and this is my land - I believe that this is wrong and unfair. This does not work. As for the "lost": if someone has a Ukrainian passport, and then he additionally receives a Russian passport and receives social support both from here and from there, then he got lost. I do not have the moral right to "fuck". We must bring these people back to fight for them. But I would not fight for people who consider themselves purely Russian, ”Zelensky said.
The head of state also emphasized that he does not want “that Ukraine be a figure on the chessboard of great powers.”

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