What will be the ending of the Game of Thrones?


What will be the ending of the Game of Thrones? 

Just about the eighth season will be released on a separate disc and, it turned out, a separate documentary called “Duty is the death of love” was dedicated to the finale of “Game of Thrones”.
The end of the series is commented by show runners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, as well as actress Emilia Clark. The creators say that John Snow, entering the throne room in the last scene, did not intend to kill Daenerys - he was forced to do this by the words that she would say.

“Until the very end, he does not know that he will betray her. There are a number of reasons in John’s head: Dani doesn’t take anyone’s decisions into account, which means that Dani is going to kill my sisters, so my family is opposing her now, ”says Keith Harington.

Showrunners, meanwhile, noted that Bran had become king of Westeros in the storyline of George R. R. Martin's books. “Bran is probably the only pure person there,” says Peter Dinklage, who played the role of Tyrion. “And the fact that he cannot have children is key. Because his offspring could fit into this vicious circle in which all the heirs of Westeros are bad. "

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