The main enemies of beautiful skin


The main enemies of beautiful skin 

You carefully take care of your skin, properly select funds, do not overdo it with sweets. But for some reason, the complexion is not happy, and inflammations appear every now and then. Declassify the five factors that take away your beauty.
Stress, smoking, dehydration - we have already recognized and neutralized these enemies of beauty. However, there are others to deal with.

1. Allergens

Food allergies do not necessarily come with a wild rash. Sometimes these are individual rashes and inflammations, which, however, decently upset. Often intolerance is caused by alcohol, sugar, white flour and milk. Start keeping a food diary - write down everything you eat, including one cookie or toffee.

So it will be easier to find out if the skin reacts to any specific products.

2. Bad toothpaste

Too cheap pastes sin with an abundance of chemistry and fluorides in the composition. These components can cause irritation around the mouth and cracks in the corners of the lips.

3. Makeup remover in the shower

Face skin is a delicate organ. Therefore, it is necessary to cleanse it before or after taking a shower, but not at the time. Otherwise, it will dry out and become irritated.

4. The air of the big city

A lot has been said about the harm of ultraviolet radiation, noise and gas pollution. All together we can’t move to the village. But it is in our power to neutralize the negative environment. A diet with plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables will give the right amount of antioxidants, and cosmetics with vitamins E and C and high SPF will protect the skin from the outside.

5. Cosmetic conservatism

Care, like clothes, needs to be changed with the advent of the new season. So, products with acids and dense texture, which are so good in winter, are contraindicated in summer - can cause pigmentation and inflammation on the skin.

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