In Ukraine, more than 2 million people with diabetes


In Ukraine, more than 2 million people with diabetes 

The disease that you can eat is diabetes mellitus of the second type. With the spread of fast food, sweet and fatty foods, the number of patients with this disease is growing. The longer you do not know your diagnosis, the higher the risk of complications. What kind of disease is this, how can it be avoided, and when is it worth donating blood for sugar, in the plot of TSN. 19:30.

Diabetes mellitus - the diagnosis has long been dubbed the epidemic of our time, captured 7% of the world's population. Doctors believe that in Ukraine there are more than a million patients with diabetes, there are still so many undiagnosed cases.

Anyone can get diabetes, regardless of age, but mostly overweight people suffer from this ailment. Scientists have noticed that the faster the food industry develops, the access to fast food, sweet and fatty foods increases, the more people suffer from this disease. So, obesity and overweight are a major risk factor for diabetes.

Another reason that the disease can develop is a malfunction in the body. As a result, excess insulin is produced or used inefficiently, and as a result, the level of glucose in the blood rises. It is this type of diabetes that is prevalent on the planet.

Doctors say that people with extra pounds have significantly increased risks of developing type 2 diabetes. Especially against the background of a genetic predisposition, stress, surgery, or cardiovascular disease. Being overweight results in insensitivity to one's own insulin. The so-called "insulin resistance", which is among the causes of the disease.

If you feel constant thirst, dry mouth, need for sweets, experts advise to take an analysis to check the blood sugar.

"A person should definitely check the glucose, insulin or the Thomas index - these are banal tests," says nutritionist Karina Deineko.

After 45 years, all healthy Ukrainians should donate blood for sugar at least once every three years. However, if you are overweight, or someone in the family has diabetes, blood counts should be monitored once a year. Doctors say that if patients have a timely predisposition to diabetes, then it’s enough to change their lifestyle and diet.

If diabetes has already been discovered, patients will have to control the level of sugar in the body during this life. If you do not reduce it, blood vessels, kidneys, heart suffer, vision falls. The life expectancy of diabetics is reduced by a third.

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