Foreign Ministry handed a note of protest to the Ambassador of Hungary


Foreign Ministry handed a note of protest to the Ambassador of Hungary 

On December 2, the Hungarian Ambassador to Ukraine, Istvan Iidarto, was invited to the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, who was pointed out at the unacceptability of his statements on the autonomy of the Hungarian national minority in Ukraine and the Hungarian side blocking the activities of the Ukraine-NATO Commission.

According to "European Truth", this is stated in the message of the press center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The department noted that Iidyarto was handed a note of protest.

"During the conversation, it was further noted that the Law of Ukraine" On Education "does not violate the rights of Ukrainian Hungarian origin, but rather gives them the possibility of better self-realization in Ukraine, which has now been confirmed by the Venice Commission," the statement said.


In an interview dated November 28, Iidarto said: “Yes, what autonomy in Transcarpathia is 1,200,000 Ukrainian, Hungarians 150,000. What are the prerequisites for separatism, do autonomies in Kiev think that the majority of Ukrainian are completely not ours, are they pro-Hungarian, Transcarpathian - the territory has always been interesting, but there have never been conflicts between the Ukrainian and other nations there. "
"Both the observance of minority rights and autonomy within the state are existing practices in Europe that take into account the national factor, people living in a particular region," he added.
He also said that Budapest will continue to block the activities of the Ukraine-NATO Commission for allegedly violating the rights of the Hungarian minority by Ukraine.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine also protested in connection with calls for autonomy of the Hungarian communities in the Carpathian region, which take place in the Communique issued on November 15 of the XVIIIth meeting of the Hungarian Permanent Council.

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