Festive winter manicure 2019


Festive winter manicure 2019 

It's real winter outside, which means it's time to sign up for a manicure. But before that, it is advisable to choose a new cool design and decide on the color. Do not know which one? Choose below.

The word "winter" is automatically associated with the holiday. Therefore, this year, glitter on the nails and Christmas patterns will be in fashion.

To make the manicure look unobtrusive and very gentle, we recommend that you make snowflakes on a few fingers like in the photo, and paint the others in a plain color.

This year, the colors are in fashion: hot red, deep burgundy, delicate peach, dark brown, bright pink, a mix of yellow and orange, blue-gray, dark green, dark blue, light gray.

For decor on nails, masters often use sparkles. And this is a great idea, because nails look festive, cheer up, and also fit into any outfit.

In addition, such a manicure has been in fashion for several seasons. It can be done in different nail shapes and lengths.

The stickers look very neat on the nails. Therefore, you can not even hesitate.

For winter manicure, patterns are ideal: Christmas trees, deers, Santi, bears and everything that your imagination comes up with.

Festive winter manicure 2019 Festive winter manicure 2019 Festive winter manicure 2019 Festive winter manicure 2019 Festive winter manicure 2019 

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