The President proposed to understand what a "thief in law" is


 Head of State Vladimir Zelensky proposes to the Verkhovna Rada to define the concept of “thief in law”. This is evidenced by the text of the relevant Presidential Bill No. 2513, which is interpreted as “Responsibility for crimes committed by the criminal community”, published on the website of the parliament.
The bill prescribes that a crime is recognized as being committed by a criminal community if it is committed by a stable hierarchical association of five or more participants, the organizer, leader or coordinator of which is a “thief in law”. To this part of the draft law, a definition of the concept is also submitted.
“A thief in law is a person who adheres to the traditions and rules of behavior inherent in a criminal environment, enjoys authority among persons who have committed criminal offenses, directs, coordinates and / or organizes the activities of a criminal community or part thereof, or is a member of such a community,” said in the first paragraph.
It is also planned to amend the article on "Performing a special task to prevent or disclose the criminal activity of an organized group, criminal organization or criminal community", which will oblige to fulfill special tasks to prevent or disclose the criminal activity of criminal communities.
Plus, changes are proposed in the paragraph “Creation of a criminal organization”, the article was created to improve the mechanism of bringing individuals to criminal liability for crimes committed.
In addition, they want to supplement the Criminal Code of Ukraine with two new articles:
- Article 2551 “Creating a criminal community and holding a person in the status of a thief in law”, which provides for the criminalization of the creation of a criminal community or the management of such a community or participation in it, or participation in crimes committed by such a community (part one) or a person’s stay in the status of "thief in law" (part two);
- Article 2552 “Appeal to the thief in law” or another member of the criminal community ”, which provides for criminal liability for addressing the“ thief in law ”or other member of the criminal community with a request to commit a crime and / or to influence in any form third parties with the purpose of their decision-making or commission or imperfection of their actions.
Recall that earlier President Vladimir Zelensky proposed that the Verkhovna Rada vote for draft law No. 2513 "On Amending the Criminal Code of Ukraine on responsibility for crimes committed by the criminal community." This document was submitted to parliament on December 2, but it turned out that initially its text was missing.

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