Shooting again in Kiev!


Shooting again in Kiev! 

In Kiev, the restaurant "Baku" was fired. There is information about the wounded. In the capital, the police introduced the Siren plan. Law enforcement officials say that the shooting was preceded by a conflict, which escalated into a fight.

According to, previously, several foreigners during the conflict began firing from traumatic weapons. As a result, several people were injured. Note that the attackers are Caucasian in appearance.

According to the Kiev Now telegram channel, the attackers fled in a gray Mitsubishi car.

Note that the “Siren” interception plan is mainly introduced when armed intruders representing an increased public danger are sought.

Cafe "Baku" is located on Antonovich Street, 88.

Kiev police confirmed the shooting. According to the press service of the Kiev police, they received a message that unidentified persons had beaten a visitor to a restaurant on Antonovich Street and fired several shots at the ceiling.

Subsequently, law enforcement officers found out that before the shooting between several individuals and a 29-year-old man, a conflict arose, and subsequently it grew into a fight. As a result, one of the participants in the little thingkilk shot at the restaurant ceiling once. After all the attackers disappeared into a foreign car.

The police add that as a result of the incident, only one person was injured. He received medical attention on the spot.

In addition to doctors and patrol officers, investigative-operational teams of the Main and District Police Directorates also worked on the spot.

Now law enforcement authorities establish all the circumstances of the incident. The search for intruders and measures to detain them also continues. Information about the incident was recorded in the journal of unified accounting of statements and messages. Law enforcers decide on the opening of criminal proceedings.

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