What foods to eat after 40 years


What foods to eat after 40 years Doctors called the products that must be introduced into the diet after 40 years. Since this period, the body does not work as well as it did in youth, therefore health should be taken care of with a vengeance.
Experts said that after 40 years in the diet, it is necessary to introduce fatty varieties of fish, as well as blueberries and tomatoes. At the same time, various vegetables and fruits will not be superfluous. You can use them both fresh and baked. It is better to replace red meat with poultry or rabbit, and the traditional vegetable oil used in cuisine with olive oil. In addition, it is worth paying attention to legumes, seeds of flax, sunflower and almonds. Turmeric, which relieves depression and is a prophylactic for arthritis, is ideal as a spice.
Doctors recommend reducing the amount of sugar. It speeds up the aging process and promotes wrinkles. Drinking coffee should be reduced to 1 cup per day. In addition, experts advise paying attention to whole grain products, soybeans and sweet potatoes.

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