Impressive numbers on the world's number of smartphone addicts


Impressive numbers on the world's number of smartphone addicts 

Scientists have calculated how many young people are actually addicted to their gadgets. It should be understood that excessive enthusiasm for a smartphone leads to real problems.

Scientists from King's College London have determined that almost a quarter of modern teens are addicted to smartphones. This was confirmed by an analysis of 41 studies from countries in Asia, Europe and America, in which about 42 thousand people took part, writes

It turned out that 23% of young people can not control the time for gadgets, as well as interfere in an annoyed and anxious state when the smartphone is not nearby. In addition, over-reliance on devices can cause anxiety, panic, and even psychological distress.

Also, some studies have shown that adolescents aged 17-19 years had the greatest tendency to depend on gadgets: girls, as a rule, hang on social networks, and guys - in games and on video.

According to scientists, dependence is formed not only because of laziness or lack of communication, as is commonly believed, but also because of a lack of sleep, depression and stress.

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