How much on Black Friday went through PrivatBank?


Privatbank representatives shared information on customer activity during Black Friday discounts.
According to the results of only one day (November 29, 2019), through the network of PrivatBank trading terminals, 4.5 million (4,434,153) purchases were paid in the amount of UAH 1.3 billion (1,298,161,010). According to official information from the bank, the volume of Black Friday shopping paid by cards in 2019 was a record in recent years, exceeding even the average daily figure by 10 times and the results of last year's shopping by as much as 37%.
Also, all the indicators on the number of installment purchases were beaten - in just a day, using “Payment by installments” and “Instant installments”, Ukrainians bought goods for 148 million UAH, which exceeds 29.4% last year. Most installments in the amount of UAH 93.5 million were issued in offline stores, while on the Internet, bank users bought goods worth UAH 55.3 million on credit.
Monobank also shared his Black Friday results by comparing a regular weekend with a promotional one. According to the data on the weekend of 21-24.11, the project users issued 9459 installments in the amount of UAH 36.1 million and 3636 interest-free installments “Purchase by installments” in the amount of UAH 16.4 million. After a week of huge discounts, the number of installments increased to 15054 units and 66.6 million UAH, and “Purchases by parts” - to 13552 units and 68.4 million UAH.
Recall that three weeks ago, online store AliExpress in the course of a large-scale sale of "11.11" brought a huge amount of payments to "PrivatBank". The bank notes that within an hour it served up to 70,000 payments, which significantly exceeds the normal amount of work. 

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