Field investigators detained the killer of a child of deputy Sobolev


Kiev police detained Vyacheslav Sobolev, a suspect for attempted murder of a deputy of the regional council and who committed the murder of his 3-year-old child.
According to, a 18-year-old suspect, various materials are being collected on his actions and possible involvement ..
According to the investigation, the killer fired one shot from a 7.62 mm caliber rifle. an attacker was waiting for Sobolev near the Mario restaurant, identifying his victim in the dark, he fired from a short distance. Not taking into account the speed of the moving car, the killer instead of a shot at the deputy of the regional council of Sobolev, apparently accidentally hit his child.
Obviously, the young man received a tip and acted not alone, in the course of which it turned out that this was a custom-made assassination attempt.
Among the versions considered by the investigation, according to sources, the cause could be Sobolev’s conflict with the former judge of the Higher Economic Court Arthur Emelyanov because of control over the Glutton trading network. Around the Sobolev facilities in the Donbass in the years 14-17 in Mariupol there was a series of clashes in which various power support groups were hired to protect their interests and for raiding.
The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov wrote on his Twitter that the suspect was detained.
“Police detained the shooter and his accomplices, justifiably suspected of yesterday’s murder of a 3-year-old boy. Follow the trail of action. Details in a special briefing, ”writes Arsen Avakov.
Recall that on the evening of December 1, an unknown opened fire on a Range Rover car at the intersection of Leo Tolstoy and Tarasovskaya. The man shot deputy Vyacheslav Sobolev, but the bullet hit a three-year-old boy, who was also in the cabin. The child died on the way to the hospital. 

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