How to escape from magnetic storms in December?


How to escape from magnetic storms in December? 

Scientists talked about magnetic storms in December, as well as how to protect themselves from the effects of magnetic storms.

It is reported by the Telegraph.

It is reported that in December, four magnetic storms await Ukrainians: December 3 - moderate, December 26 and 29 - strong magnetic storms, and December 28 - a weak magnetic storm.

During magnetic storms, people often complain of headaches and poor health. Elderly people may suffer from increased blood pressure, exacerbation of chronic diseases, disorders of the cardiovascular system.

You can protect yourself from the influence of magnetic storms by reducing the number of stressful situations, allocate enough time to rest and sleep, drink enough water and eat right.

However, doctors recommend that you do not attribute ill health only to magnetic storms and, if necessary, consult doctors so as not to confuse the effects of magnetic storms with other diseases.

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