Найкорисніший продукт для красивої фігури


Найкорисніший продукт для красивої фігури 

Regular use of avocados prevents the appearance of excess fat. Read to find out more.
The presence of avocados in the daily diet protects the stomach and sides from the appearance of excess fat. About this, experts from Loma Linda University report on the pages of Nutrients magazine.

So, scientists conducted a study in which they collected information on more than 55,000 men and women over the age of 30, who were observed for 11 years. Each participant underwent a survey in which he should answer questions about nutrition, in particular, whether avocados were in their diet. Subsequently, subjects were regularly weighed throughout the study.

It turned out that the presence of avocados in the daily diet reduced the likelihood of excess weight and obesity in the next 10 years by 15%, compared with people who did not eat this fruit so often.

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