Crimean Tatar TV channel released its clothing brand


 Crimean Tatar TV channel released its clothing brandCrimean Tatar TV channel ATR launches its own clothing brand. The trademark will be called “Boysunmağan”, which is translated from the Crimean Tatar language as “unbroken”.
Today in the online store you can buy several different designs of t-shirts - both for adults and for children. Also in the store you can buy a branded sweatshirt, a windbreaker or a cap on the ATR channel. Models are presented in unisex style. The cost of branded T-shirts starts from 500 hryvnia.
Also, other products are presented in the online store - watches, mugs, notebooks, pens, books, badges.
“Our brand’s logo reflects self-confident, vibrant and vibrant personalities,” said the brand’s designer.
ATR is a Ukrainian television channel that used to be one of the three television channels in Crimea. In 2014, due to the annexation of the peninsula, he moved to Kiev. Broadcasting is conducted in Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian and Russian.
The motto of the channel: “On the East for the West and on the West for the East.”

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