Нове зображення Юпітера передала на Землю міжпланетна станція "Юнона"


Нове зображення Юпітера передала на Землю міжпланетна станція 

The new image of Jupiter was transmitted to the Earth by the interplanetary station Juno, which is studying the system of this planet. It is reported by NASA.

It is specified that the photo was taken immediately after approaching the planet on November 3. At the time of taking the picture, “Juno” was at a distance of 104.6 thousand kilometers from the peak of the clouds of Jupiter.

The device shot the southern hemisphere of Jupiter. The photo shows powerful cyclones near the pole, as well as an area of ​​chaotic clouds that is located between the orange strip and the polar region.

Recall, the Juno apparatus reached the orbit of Jupiter on July 4, 2016. He will stay in orbit for several more years, and after the completion of the mission will be destroyed when he descends to the surface of the giant.

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