The EU launched an investigation into the activities of Google


European antitrust authorities have undertaken a “preliminary investigation” regarding virtually all of Google’s core business, namely the data collection methods of the giant company. It is reported by the American publication Reuters.
The available documents of the relevant authorities, which were at the disposal of the news agency, provide little accurate information about the investigation, but it becomes clear from the content that the main attention is focused on local search, advertising (including ad targeting), authorization services, web browsers and other areas of activity company.
Even before the start of the investigation, Google announced the use of data to improve the quality of its services and provides users with personal information management tools, including the ability to delete all personal data.
But a new start to the investigation does not mean at all that the EU will open yet another antitrust case against Google. Prior to this, the European Commission issued fines to companies of more than 8 billion euros for various violations of antitrust laws. It will not be surprising if this time the European Commission finds problems associated with Google’s data collection methods, especially when regulators from individual European countries have already fined it for violating GDPR. 

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