Minister of Culture Borodyansky plans to plant journalists and bloggers


Minister of Culture Borodyansky plans to plant journalists and bloggers 

According to recent decrees by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, it is planned to draft laws by the “news standards” before the end of the year and strengthen the responsibility of journalists and the media for their violation. Now the media is waiting for fines, revocation of licenses and even criminal liability for journalists.

The bill is being developed by the Ministry of Culture and Minister Borodyansky.

At the same time, he states that such responsibility will extend not only to journalists, but also to bloggers. He said this in an interview with Mirror of the Week.

"And if someone violates the Ukrainian legislation with the help of some content, for example, calls for enmity, then he will be held responsible for it. The blogger was previously responsible, according to the current legislation. Now we want to say that the content is subject to regulation. And this is normal. There are an unlimited number of people who consume blogger content, "the minister said.

He believes that such a practice of adjusting the quality of content is normal.

“I completely agree with the Minister of Defense, who said that media literacy and the ability to distinguish fake from non-fake should be a mandatory skill of a modern citizen. This should be taught from school, this is the basis. We know that, according to the latest study, only 8% of Ukrainians they can distinguish fake from non-fake. That is, 92% of people don’t know how to tell the truth from untruth. And if this figure is so large, we’re not talking about fighting disinformation, but about legislation that protects the truth. It sounds strange, but this Bill to with regard to countering disinformation, it will help people understand what is true and what is false, "says the head of the Ministry of Culture.
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