Fire in a children's educational institution


Fire in a children's educational institution 

Metropolitan firefighters eliminated fire in a children's educational institution

December 2, at 6:57 in the operational coordination center of the Main Directorate of the CSN of Ukraine in Kiev. A fire message was received on pr.-t. Gagarina, 9-A, in the Dnieper district of the capital.

Rescuers of the 16th State Fire and Rescue Unit were sent to the place of call. Upon arrival, firefighters found that a fire arose on the ground floor of a children's educational institution. At the time of the arrival of the rescue units, the body of a man born in 1945, probably the guard of the institution, who was trying to put out the fire himself, was near the house.

At 7:20 a fire of 5 square meters. m was localized, and at 07:35 - it was eliminated.

At the scene of the fire, 5 units of fire-fighting and rescue equipment and about 23 personnel worked.

The cause of the fire and the circumstances of the death of a person will be established by law enforcement agencies.

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