30 minutes of practice will help you fall asleep quickly!


30 minutes of practice will help you fall asleep quickly! 

According to the American somnologist Neil Stanley, to have a good sleep, preparing for it should take at least 30 minutes before you turn off the light. It takes so much time to immerse the body and brain in a calm, relaxed state that will allow you to quickly fall asleep.

30 minutes before bedtime. Make sure that you have completed all the tasks scheduled for this day. Refill your account, send the last important message, make the last mandatory call. Then make a to-do list the next day.

25 minutes before bedtime. It's time to turn off all sources of blue light that can interfere with the production of melatonin - the hormone responsible for sound sleep. Yes, and the phone as well! Do not worry: in most models, even when turned off, the alarm function works, so you won’t oversleep in any case.

20 minutes before bedtime. Remove makeup and brush your teeth. Doing this in advance is worthwhile because washing your face with water can slightly invigorate your body.

15 minutes before bedtime. Take a hot shower: fever will help you relax and fall asleep more quickly.

10 minutes before bedtime. It's time to go to the toilet. Interestingly, according to WHO global statistics, about 42% of people have trouble sleeping because they often get in the toilet at night.

5 minutes before bedtime. End the conversation with a partner. Spend this time in absolute silence.

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