Absurd treatments for impotence


Absurd treatments for impotence 

Almost every man can face the problem of impotence. But it is important to know which methods help in the fight against this scourge, and which are better to refuse.

Men are not infrequently affected by the problem of impotence and, in the fight against it, can go into the least absurd methods. They significantly worsen human health, so doctors strongly recommend abandoning them and still adhere to traditional medicine.

1. Urethral rods

As a result of this method of treating impotence, a long, metal rod is inserted directly into the urethra. In the XVIII century, it was believed that this could lead to an erection. In the 21st century, this is wildness. There are more gentle methods.

2. Wasp stings

In the East, it was proposed to treat impotence by rubbing a mixture of stings with wasps and oil into the male organ. According to experts using this method, that a man should be cured after 10 days. But this is also a dubious event.

3. Electric belts
At the beginning of the 19th century, medical electric belts became popular. The man tied a belt around his waist, and then placed another nozzle on his genitals and gave current.

4. Animal sperm

At the beginning of the 19th century, French physician Charles Edward Brown-Sekvard suggested that injecting animal sperm could cure impotence. This method from the first lines sounds absurd, because it wasn’t standing next to real medicine.

5. Prostate heater

With the help of this device, they’ve been treated since the beginning of the last century. One end of it was connected to the outlet, and the other to the prostate. When the light on the device came on, the heat went to the genitals of the man. Also a dubious method that you should not resort to.

6. Treatment of impotence with current

In the first years after the invention of the current, it began to be used to treat impotence. It was believed that current can help not only cure potency, but also increase the genitals of men.

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