Ukraine has increased the cost of living


Ukraine has increased the cost of living 

Since December 1, Ukraine has increased the cost of living and, accordingly, the minimum pension.

This is stated in the law on the state budget for 2020.

So, in December the cost of living will be:

the total indicator per person per month - 2027 UAH;

for children under the age of 6 years - 1779 UAH;

for children aged 6 to 18 years - 2218 UAH;

for able-bodied persons - 2102 UAH;

for persons who have lost their ability to work - 1638 UAH.

Also, from today in Ukraine the minimum pension has been increased by 74 UAH to 1638 UAH. This is the second increase this year. From July 1, it was increased by 67 UAH to 1,564 UAH. Thus, the minimum pension will increase this year by 9%, which should exceed the planned inflation rate (7.4%).

At the same time, the minimum wage has not changed since December 1 and still amounts to 4,173 UAH per month.

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