The explosion in Kharkov


The explosion in Kharkov 

Two burnt bodies were found in the car, one next to her.

A powerful explosion in a garage cooperative on the outskirts of Kharkov claimed the lives of three people. The police call the tragedy an accident, the story says TSN.19: 30.

The moment of the explosion hit the surveillance cameras at 5:20 in the morning. “The garage is on, the walls have already collapsed, the plates have already collapsed. They started to extinguish, they immediately evacuated from the neighboring garage,” said Sergei Yakushin, the commander of the 25th part of the State Emergency Service in the Kharkov region. The garage where the tragedy occurred was destroyed to the ground, its rubble was raked with heavy equipment - an excavator and a crane. The burnt bodies of the dead were found in a crushed car, which almost blew off the roof with an explosion, and next to it. People had no chance to survive - everyone died instantly.

The oldest of the dead men was 36 years old, another two - 24 and 21. Everyone worked as drivers at the treatment facilities of Kharkov, and from time to time drank in the garage. “I never saw them drunk in the trash. Once a month I definitely saw them,” says one car owner who’s a neighbor in the garage. "It never happened. How old the garages have been here for the first time," the local resident Valentina Grimak is shocked. After dinner, relatives and friends of the victims arrive - they are also in a state of shock from what happened.

At least two neighboring garages are damaged. “Nothing of this crashed, you just need to restore the garage. Everything that is material can be restored. People cannot be restored,” says the owner of the damaged garage Sergey. The police are investigating the tragedy as an accident. Law enforcers suggest that a gas leak from the cylinder into the car occurred in the garage. "According to the preliminary version, the explosion occurred due to a gas cylinder malfunction," said Elena Alekhina, deputy head of the Industrial Police Department.

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