Expected "hot" fight Chakhkiev and Emelianenko



On November 29, the fight of the mixed martial artist Alexander Emelianenko with the famous Russian Lomus Mikhail Koklyaev took place. Even in the first round, Emelianenko was able to defeat the enemy. This fight caused great excitement in the sports society, however, due to the quick loss, Koklyaev did not bring any intrigue.
After this fight, the ex-contender for the world heavyweight title, Olympic champion Rakhim Chakhkiev decided to meet in a duel with MMA fighter Alexander Emelianenko, challenging him. The athlete expressed his dissatisfaction, saying that the fight did not have real boxing “beauty”. And in order to rectify the situation, he remembered the call to the contest, which Emelianenko threw to everyone.
"Good day! My name is Rakhim Chakhkiev, I am the Olympic boxing champion. More recently, a boxing tournament was held, in which Sasha Emelianenko won. I congratulate you on this, Sasha. I heard that you challenged everyone who wants to fight with you and face off. I accept this challenge and am ready to fight you. In that fight, we did not see boxing. I do not want boxing to lose its beauty. Therefore, accept the challenge and get ready, ”Rakhim Chakhkiev said.
General Secretary of the Boxing Federation of Russia Umar Kremlev, reacting to a loud statement, said that he was ready to authorize this fight.
“If they agree among themselves, then we agree to organize a duel for them according to the rules of boxing. This will be interesting. The fight between Alexander and Mikhail was more for the viewer, the popularization of boxing. It is very good that from other sports they try themselves in boxing. This shows that boxing is the best sport, ”the Kremlin said.

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