The recipe for borsch is 4000 years old!


The recipe for borsch is 4000 years old! 

An international group of culinary scholars, culinary historians and cuneiform experts has deciphered the four most ancient recipes known to the modern world and tried to cook them. It is reported by History Blog.

Scientists have found a recipe in the Yale Babylonian collection. Three of them date from the Old Babylonian period (around 1730 BC), and the fourth refers to the Neo-Babylonian period about a thousand years later.

It turns out that scientists deciphered one of the recipes as a prototype of borsch. One of the three oldest lists a collection of 25 stews. The other two have more detailed recipes, but their number is rarely indicated. Each of these plates over the millennia gradually collapsed, which complicated the task of preparing authentic ancient Babylonian dishes.

“There is something truly human in food, food and tasting, and this is what we wanted to explore by recreating these recipes. Maybe it's not quite the way they are, maybe our ingredients are a little to taste, but still come close to the fact that no one has tried for almost 4 thousand years, ”says one of the leading Babylonian studies of Lassen.

Recall that in northern Israel for a long time there are excavations that are associated with the heroes of Tanah. One of the most famous places where archaeological work is carried out is Al-Awat. Scientists were attracted to this area by the fact that they found the remains of the building. There is a possibility that this building was the military base of the villain Sisera described in the Book of Judges.

This assumption was put forward after a chariot pin was found in the territory

Some finds in this territory date back to 13-12 centuries BC. In particular, these are the remains of scarab beetles, considered sacred insects.

The layout of the site, most likely, refers to the Late Bronze Age. In addition, cast iron was one of the first in the region to be smelted.

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