Oli Tsibulskaya trouble


Oli Tsibulskaya trouble 

The popular Ukrainian singer Olga Tsibulskaya flew to Paris. This was announced by the artist herself, posting a photo on her official page.

However, upon arrival in Paris, the performers had a completely different kind of emotions. As it turned out, after arriving at the airport, Olya discovered that her luggage did not arrive with her. As a result, she and her husband were left without things.

“I'm in Paris without a suitcase. @lufthansa on the way transferred us on another flight and sowed things somewhere. They write, they call that they are being taken. But the fact remains. We are without our personal belongings. P.S. It’s scary to imagine if I flew to the concert and the costumes didn’t arrive, ”wrote Tsibulskaya in her microblog.

Fans supported Olya, expressing sympathy and hope that a suitcase will be found soon, writes womanel.com.

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